Lucky Day Got Game for Rs.21 at Flipkart

So just usual day i was reading telegram group chat suddenly notice that sathyabhat had posted link of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth which was selling for Rs.21 .

First i thought must be fake copy or something but sathyabhat  told me sometime it happens. I gave it try and placed order at flipkart for COD .

99% i knew it they will cancel it but hey atleast i gave it try .

To my surprise i recieved notification from flipkart that my copy has been shipped. This is first time flipkart delivered game copy next day O_O.

I was amazed holding copy of game in my hand.

Final amount was Rs.61 that is game for Rs.21 and Rs.40 for delivery charges which i was happy to give.

So  after that quickly opened box and searched for code to enter in steam .

After entering code and seeing game in my steam library finally relaxed .

I said to myself well that was lucky day  🙂

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