Hi Guys,
Just usual day in my life browsing, watving anime, playing games .
But suddenly noticed that chrome was hanging.

So after lot of google as usual. Found below trick works mostly and it solved my problem.

By Default power plan is set to Balanced . So just set power plan from “Balanced” to “High Performance.”

Volla as soon as I changed it to “High Performance” no more freezing or hanging 8) .

But for those above trick didn’t work below one did worked. But its just hit and trial every system is unique so it require unique fix .

Some people manage to solve the freeze issue by turning off windows notifications or disabling certain services like superfetch and windows search.

Let me know if you think this helped you.

So just usual day i was reading telegram group chat suddenly notice that sathyabhat had posted link of Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth which was selling for Rs.21 .

First i thought must be fake copy or something but sathyabhat  told me sometime it happens. I gave it try and placed order at flipkart for COD .

99% i knew it they will cancel it but hey atleast i gave it try .

To my surprise i recieved notification from flipkart that my copy has been shipped. This is first time flipkart delivered game copy next day O_O.

I was amazed holding copy of game in my hand.

Final amount was Rs.61 that is game for Rs.21 and Rs.40 for delivery charges which i was happy to give.

So  after that quickly opened box and searched for code to enter in steam .

After entering code and seeing game in my steam library finally relaxed .

I said to myself well that was lucky day  🙂